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Experiencing desert life

Beautiful project of eco-farming in the middle of nowhere. Best place to experience the serenity, calmness wilderness of the desert in Rajasthan. Wonderful food, the huts are beautiful, clean and cosy. A very familial and warm atmosphere with the hosts who shared with us the culture of desert life. It’s a very interesting project and it’s nice to experience its growth.

Pawan, Lydia and Heloise

Peaceful desert home

Great place. Feels like you are alone on Naboo. The farm is peaceful and relaxing and really inspires you to read/write/sing/cook/garden. Great place for stargazing. Would love to have stayed longer. I stayed the last week of November – the weather was agreeable.


I couldn’t stay away!

Once again I had the great pleasure of staying at this gorgeous place in the middle of the desert. This time I stayed for 2 weeks. First impression could be of a barren landscape but, the more you look, walk and get to know it better, you see that it is full of life and ever changing. Never a dull moment and lots of time to observe and ponder. The quiet simple life seems to clear the mind and bring one into the present most effectively! I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a completely unique experience.


Dancing in the desert

A wonderful, relaxing place to experience basic life skills and reconnect with nature. Getting water from the well, collecting sticks for the fire. Sitting round the fire at night, looking at the stars eating delicious simple food. Reading, meditating, listening to the birds in flight, even a bit of dancing!! Alex and Aladin are wonderful hosts…a magical place.


Quiet and peaceful

Delightfully quiet and peaceful in attractive hut accommodation. Occasional bird call or twittering visit, sheep and goat bells in the distance. The perfect retreat away from bustle where you can be alone to read, paint, gaze at the emerging colours of the desert, or share tasks, and are so well cared for by hosts Alex and Aladin. A lovely desert experience.


Total tranquillity

I stayed at Nomads for 3 nights and it was without doubt the most peaceful place that I stayed in India and I had the best sleep. The silence is quite incredible. Facilities are basic but it’s all you need. Great to visit the Thar desert and stay in authentic traditional buildings and eat meals cooked on wood fires under the stars. Excellent stay, highly recommended.


The most beautiful peaceful place to just BE!

I stayed in the eco huts for two nights and we brought the beds outside and slept under the stars. It is so lovely and quiet out in the desert and you can relax under the tree during the day, hear and watch the sheep and goats go past in the evening (if their route takes them that way) and experience cooking amazing food on an open fire. You can get completely back to nature and switch off from all unnecessary technology. It was magical to go to sleep and wake up with the sun with the beautifully built huts. I highly recommend this tranquil place and I will most certainly be returning!


Simply excellent

Had a wonderful stay here. A really great way to escape the noise of the city. Alex and Aladdin are extremely accommodating meeting all your needs. The rooms are very comfortable and warm. The food was also great. I highly recommend if you want an alternative experience of the desert near Jaisalmer.



If you’re the kind of person who loves off the beaten track experiences, can handle a hard bed and food cooked on a fire, and the beautiful wilderness all around – this eco retreat will hit all the right spots. The owners are honest, hard working and lovely, and you’ll never want to leave.


Simply great, I will be back for a full week

Early morning… when I opened the door of my beautiful mud house, I felt happily invaded by the so peaceful image of the desert and this small paradise invaded me..I think for ever! Aladin and Alex were preparing chai and I sat with them, I was simply happy to be there.


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